Generation: Habibi + 26 Drops for Oct. 22, 2021

Today’s featured drop is Generation: Habibi is a collection of 1,000+ generated avatars created by MarkTheHabibi. Plus check out 26 NFT drops happening on Oct. 22, 2021


Today’s featured drop is Generation: Habibi is a collection of 1,000+ generated avatars created by MarkTheHabibi.

For context, 1/1s on OpenSea have a 10Ξ floor.

The mint passes go on sale today at 4pm EST. It’s a dutch auction starting at 2Ξ. Yesterday the private whitelist sale happened and those passes are available for less than 1Ξ, so I’d expect the dutch to fall below that. The artwork is great, so grab a few passes if you like. I’m unsure when the redemption date is, but I’d assume in the next few weeks.

Some other things to watch:

A couple days ago, I featured the new SuperRare bitGANs by Pindar VanArman. Yesterday, one of them was purchased by Cozomo de’ Medici. Very cool to see such a big collector grabbing one.

Throw DeeKay’s upcoming release on your radar as well. His stuff is just animated magic.

Also, a heads up, it looks like we might have a new artist spotlight on Sunday to celebrate Nick Kuder’s Rings Genesis Series 2 release. Read up on the project here and we’ll go in depth this weekend.

~ @mulligan

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🎉 Drop of the day: Generation: Habibi

Generation: Habibi

🕔 1 P.M. PDT OpenSea by @MarkTheHabibi • Ethereum • 3,497 Discord members18,806 Twitter followers

Generation: Habibi is a collection of 1,000+ generated avatars created by MarkTheHabibi. But, this isn't your average generative project. Generation: Habibi is designed to grow over time. Collectors …more →

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The Revolutionaries

🕔 4 A.M. PDT OpenSea by @revolution_nft • Ethereum • 917 Discord members1,040 Twitter followers

This NFT collection is made up of 10,000 unique procedurally generated characters, known as The Revolutionaries. We have intentionally retained likeness to the original CryptoPunks*. We have been ins…more →

Kaiju Kombat Colabs

🕔 1 P.M. PDT OpenSea by @kaijukombat • Ethereum • 13,552 Twitter followers

This generative art is a crate with three 3D models in randomized permutations. Each NFT owner with receive not only the NFT, but early access to the PVP fighting game, Kaiju Kombat.more →

Mogugu: A Kingdom Beneath

🕔 4 P.M. PDT • Ethereum • 591 Discord members4,009 Twitter followers

Mogugu is an adventure-style metaverse where 10k unique mushrooms live and battle on the Ethereum Network. There are three categories of mushrooms: commoners, adventurers, and villains. Each mushro…more →

Stoner Pumpkins

🕔 7:20 P.M. PDT • 5,236 Discord members6,747 Twitter followers

The Stoner Pumpkins project is all about Fun & Giving Back! Our 10k Pumpkins are programmatically generated by a random combination of hundreds of traits! These artworks live on the Ethereum block…more →

Crypto Zombiez

• Ethereum • 23,252 Discord members9,865 Twitter followers

Follow us on Twitter @cryptozombiez_ Crypto Zombiez is a collection of 5555 unique pixel zombiez on the Ethereum Blockchain. After a virus infected the network, zombiez began to rise from their gr…more →

The Shroom Room

• Polygon • 47 Discord members3,100 Twitter followers

Shroom Heads are the people of the forest that they call The Shroom Room, 3000 of these little mushrooms live on the polygon block-chain and are all coming together to create a community to keep safe…more →

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