FlamingoDAO Podcast + 23 Drops for Oct. 26, 2021 - featuring STORM

FlamingoDAO’s new podcast + Check out 23 NFT drops happening on Oct. 26, 2021, including our drop of the day STORM


Some fun news today before we get to the drops.

For those not familiar, Flamingo is one of the best known and original NFT DAOs. Their collection is… impressive.

Every Friday their members take to Twitter Spaces to chat everything NFTs. I approached them a few months ago about repurposing that content into a podcast. Well, we did it, and it launched yesterday! Check out the Flamingo Fridays Podcast here! 🎙

Follow them on Twitter and join live when you can, but if you miss it, the podcast is a great way to catch up!

Now, onto the drops. 23 today, and featuring some great new work by Nicolas_Sassoon!

~ @mulligan

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🎉 Drop of the day: STORM


🕔 Noon PDT Foundation by @Nicolas_Sassoon • Ethereum

STORM is a series of 28 digital animations that draws inspiration from the winter storms of the Pacific North West. Using a digital moiré technique, each animation interprets atmospheric forces (rain, wind, ice & snow) as kinetic, pixelated abstractions. more →

Drops for Oct. 26, 2021

Degen Kart Club

🕔 1 P.M. PDT • Solana • 1,994 Discord members

Degen Kart Club is a collection of 6,111 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain inspired by Motorsports, Supercars and non-sense. The goal of the Degen Kart Club is to develop the first Racing game on the … more →

Bewitching Halloween

🕔 6 A.M. PDT • Ethereum • 23,810 Discord members1,248 Twitter followers

The spookiest time of the year is upcoming. It means that you should not only stock up on candy bars but also replenish your NFT collection with the eeriest samples. The ones like "Bewitching Hallowe… more →

SOLKINS Collection Pre-Sale

• Solana • 2,177 Discord members6,486 Twitter followers

🎃 Origin As Halloween approaches, the SOLKINS have emerged from the ground to invade our neighborhoods with the aim of eating as many children as possible. However, they have a weak point, the… more →


• Ethereum • 2,844 Discord members5,319 Twitter followers

Will you help save humanity, or, side with the AI revolution? Two Factions. Choose your side. Upcoming Manga series NFT. 8,888, 4,444 per Faction. In the distant future, Earth can no longer suppor… more →

PigabooNFT Pre Sale

🕔 10 A.M. PDT • Ethereum • 4,750 Discord members2,867 Twitter followers

🐷PigabooNFT is 10000 ai generated project with utility. Holding NFT to get Oink coin🪙for great future benefit! Pre Sale October 20 | Public Sale October 27 🤩There will be special traits found onl… more →

JPEG Freaks Club

🕔 8 A.M. PDT • Ethereum • 5,481 Discord members1,315 Twitter followers

JPEG Freaks Club is a DAO community of experimental and innovative NFT projects. The vision of JPEG Freaks community is to become one of the drivers of innovations by exploring the unknown. What i… more →

Two Factions

🕔 11 A.M. PDT • Ethereum • 1,324 Discord members5,319 Twitter followers

Two Factions is a collection of 8,888 characters evolving in a futuristic space dystopia. Each character is a unique, randomly generated NFT collectible in an extensive, ongoing story universe. Yo… more →


🕔 11 A.M. PDT • Ethereum • 2,552 Discord members2,863 Twitter followers

The Supernerds are a unique collection of 4004 programmatically generated NFTs living on the block(chain). These are the coolest antiheroes you will ever encounter. They may look innocent and chil… more →


🕔 10 A.M. PDT • Ethereum • 648 Discord members4,501 Twitter followers

CryptoDingers is becoming the the first onchain dynamic NFT baseball player card game, a gaming platform where users can train and rank up their teams and use them to play/bet against other teams. … more →

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