Artist Spotlight: Marlo Johnson + 27 Drops for Oct. 21, 2021

Today I'd like to introduce you to Marlo Johnson, show off her work, and invite you to check out all her collections. Also, head over to the Alphadrop website to see the 27 drops for today!


You’ve all heard me mention this artist before, and full disclosure I do now own one of her pieces. But if I could buy all her work I would. I adore her style. Also, her birthday is coming up, and you should go follow her on Twitter.

Marlo Johnson’s work might evoke a different feeling from different people, but for me, it’s absolute peace. Her colors and compositions are calming and beautiful. The care and effort put into choosing these exact colors pays off and the work is distinct and feel magical.

What’s special about this artist at this moment in time, is that she’s moving out of her genesis work on several platforms. She’s been doing first collections on 3 platforms and is wrapping those up.

On Rarible, she’s released three genesis triptych collections. Click the link, they are animations.

On OpenSea, she’s released one collection called With the Light, on a custom smart contract, which is a 99 piece generative set (I own one of these).

And on Foundation, she has her 001 animations. The last of the series was released this week. From this point on, she’ll be in the 002 series.

So that’s Marlo’s art, but what about Marlo the artist? When you hear her story, you can understand why her art feels the way it does.

my work is inspired by meditation and positive states of being. i become each state before creating, then a vision of what each artwork should look like comes to me.

But why meditation? What brought her here?

I’ve always been an artist in one medium or another — photography, painting, digital art, and i have 2 non-fiction creativity books published. i knew it was my calling from a young age, but was pretty blocked and struggled greatly until my mid-20s when i started meditating. i then finally began to shift from near-constant anxiety and depression into more joy and flow.

She, like many artists I speak with, has experienced a transformation when it comes to work this past year.

As a full-time artist who has spent much of the last 10 years unable to work because of chronic illness, the success i’ve experienced this year has felt like a miracle. between selling my art and investing in other NFTs, i’ve grown .5Ξ into enough money to pay off all my debt, keep my health on track, and not worry about bills for years. this has all been beyond my wildest dreams.

It’s stories like this (and there are so many) that show what’s magical about this NFT momentum. This movement has given artists the capacity to focus on creating art for us full time. It’s a gift for everyone.

For Marlo, this gives her a chance not only to focus on her art, but expand it.

my current long-term plan is to keep the same overall philosophy but learn more about coding generative and smart contract art. i’d like to see how much i can incorporate blockchain technology and innovation into my practice, while maintaining the same transcendent spirit.

Although there seems to have been a long road before this, when it comes to digital art, this seems like the very beginning for Marlo’s work. I’m excited to watch her continue to develop and release art on more platforms. So, when you see her eventual Art Blocks or SuperRare releases, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

Again, please wish Marlo a 🎂🎂🎂 happy birthday by following her on Twitter and checking out her latest release on Foundation.

~ @mulligan

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Drops for Oct. 21, 2021

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