25 Drops for Oct. 23, 2021

Check out 25 NFT drops happening on Oct. 23, 2021


There’s a flood of halloween themed spooky NFT collections. And too many to fit in this email. That’s becoming a daily problem, so please always check the Alphadrop website for a complete list of drops.

Some news. A week ago, I told you about Heart You, an artist/collection that’s been quietly releasing a series of gorgeous artwork for a few months. These pieces have never sold for more than 100tz on primary (most multi-edition work going for 10-15tz). Today, a new 1/1 sold at auction for over 2600tz ($18,000!!!). 🤯

Hopefully you grabbed a few when we promoted it, as these will probably get more and more expensive. Check out the full collection.

Have a good weekend!

~ @mulligan

Reminder: Alphadrop is brand new. At this point, this will be a list of ALL drops we can find posted anywhere. Over time, we’re work on different ways to curate, but for now, there is definitely more noise than signal. Reply to this email with feedback on how we can improve this!

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Drops for Oct. 23, 2021

Fant-O-Lanterns on Fantom

🕔 10 A.M. PDT • 1,640 Discord members2,261 Twitter followers

Something wicked this way comes to Fantom this October🎃🎃 Fant-O-Lanterns is a generative NFT project on the Fantom blockchain! 4,444 NFTs with over 90 unique attributes; the combinations are almos… more →

Women and Weapons

🕔 11 A.M. PDT • Ethereum • 1,752 Discord members2,228 Twitter followers

Women and Weapons is a collection of 10,000 diverse, beautiful, and badass women NFTs. The 200+ attributes that make up these assets were painstakingly hand-drawn by notable artist Sara Baumann a.k.a… more →


🕔 11 A.M. PDT • Ethereum • 59 Discord members2,228 Twitter followers

What is Sushicats? Sushicats is a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. This collection consists of 10,000 randomly assembled Sushicats using many diffe… more →


🕔 11 A.M. PDT • Solana • 2,080 Twitter followers

SolanaKids are a collection of 5,100 uniquely generated NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. All SolanaKids can be used as characters in our Play-to-Earn Game which will be released in Q2 of 2022. Launc… more →

Vicked Jacks

🕔 11 A.M. PDT • Ethereum • 815 Discord members1,390 Twitter followers

Vicked Jacks were born from the genetic research done by our story's imaginative characters Victor & Kendra. Together 11,121 will only ever be created, each of them was conceived from over the 156 ha… more →

Master Horn Club

🕔 2 P.M. PDT • Solana

Master Horn Club NFT Season 1 - Minting Starts @ 23/10/2021 9:00PM UTC ($80,000 Community Rewards) Master Horn Club’s long-term goal is to build a one-of-a-kind metaverse, where each NFT can be pl… more →

Dazed Raccoon Space Club

🕔 2 P.M. PDT • Solana • 638 Discord members2,535 Twitter followers

The Dazed Raccoon Space Club (DRSC) is a unique NFT collection designed to not only be appreciated for it’s fun art, but to bring innovation to the Solana ecosystem. Our plan is to do things differen… more →

Big Aussie Crocs

🕔 3 P.M. PDT • Ethereum • 7,362 Discord members11,919 Twitter followers

Our artwork pays homage to a true blue Aussie Legend, Steve Irwin aka the Crocodile Hunter. You’ll find most of our artwork represents Australia and the traits that make us fair dinkum awesome! We ar… more →

Animal Warriors

🕔 10 P.M. PDT • Ethereum • 7,736 Discord members1,378 Twitter followers

Animal Warriors is a play-to-earn game with only 7777 warriors minted including Ape, Bull, Bear, Dog, Cat, Lion, Wolf, Fox, Elk, and Goat.........all battle-trained and ready to fight! Warriors ca… more →

Spooky Goose Club

• Ethereum • 3,983 Discord members2,577 Twitter followers

NFT Collection of 10,000 Spooktacular Chemically-Altered Eggs! Pre Sale Date: 23rd October 🎃 Hatching Date: 31st October 🥚 Something Spooky is happening this Halloween down at Gaggle Valley … more →

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