23 Drops for Oct. 25, 2021 - featuring Crypto Cowboy Cult

Check out 23 NFT drops happening on Oct. 25, 2021, including our drop of the day Crypto Cowboy Cult


Hope you had a good weekend. Yesterday’s featured artist had a big Sunday. Nick Kuder’s Rings Genesis Series 2 auctions all settled between 8-16Ξ. The work looks great.

Also, the NEONZ drop rocked the Tezos network yesterday. The collection sold out almost immediately. You can still pick some up on secondary without too much of a markup 😊. Here’s the link to the official collection.

Some fun announcements and drops this week.

~ @mulligan

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🎉 Drop of the day: Crypto Cowboy Cult

Crypto Cowboy Cult

🕔 3:33 P.M. PDT by @lauragoodsonart49 Twitter followers

Laura Goodson Art is launching Crypto Cowboys into The Wild West, here's your chance to get on the horse and ride along. The Crypto Cowboy Collection is the first fine-art NFT collection release by lesbian artist, Laura Goodson. The series consists of 9,333 generated collectible cowboys from hand painted acrylic-on-paper assets from Goodson's iconic black and white modern. She has a cult-like following selling out of her monthly releases which inspired her to launch The Crypto Cowboy Cult. As a lesbian in the community focused on her mental health as well as others she dedicates a portion of her roadmap to a lgbtq+ mental health charity that will be announced when the goal is reached. more →

Drops for Oct. 25, 2021

Rowdy Roo Bobl Crew

• Ethereum • 22,030 Discord members257 Twitter followers

After their home planet BOBL was destroyed, 9,999 of the rowdiest and cutest kangaroos in the galaxy have beamed down to earth to hop around the Ethereum Blockchain. With 200+ differentiable features… more →

Cybergirl Fashion

• Ethereum • 16,624 Discord members4,228 Twitter followers

Collection will be limited to 3333 Cybergirls. This is the last Legendary drop. Team will focus on the Secondary Market. more →

Mark McKenna's Heroes and Villains

• Solana • 3,745 Discord members4,820 Twitter followers

People are not born good or evil. Morality is learned. Find out first-hand what makes a Hero or Villain. more →

NFTBOY Consoles

• Ethereum • 1,692 Discord members5,286 Twitter followers

2,000 hyper-realistic generative console NFTs. Collect a console and cartridge to access playable retro arcade games inside your browser. Consoles are also launching in conjunction with our first … more →


🕔 1 P.M. PDT • 3,037 Discord members2,465 Twitter followers

Cardabots are 10,000 unique algorithmically assembled collectibles. They have been hand-drawn by our artist. They will be arriving to the planet of Cardano early October 2021 and are looking to overt… more →

Budz Weed Broz

• Solana • 1,633 Discord members3,122 Twitter followers

BUDZ WEED BROZ is a NFT Game and a collection of 4200 unique randomly generated SolanaBudz on Solana Blockchain, with different accessories, designs and genetics. Good Smokes! more →

NFTY Village

• Ethereum • 298 Discord members3,345 Twitter followers

NFTY Village is a NFT collection, a loyalty system rewarding communities and engagement, and a full-featured game that ties it all together. Join us on October 25th as we launch our Mint Pass whi… more →

xDai Tigers

🕔 4 P.M. PDT • 776 Discord members1,716 Twitter followers

Presented to you is a collection of 5,555 unique and randomly generated Tigers on the xDai blockchain. Each NFT grants access to a passionate community that includes members who have fallen in love w… more →

Ghoulie Gang

🕔 1 P.M. PDT • Solana • 542 Discord members729 Twitter followers

Ghoulie Gang is a multi-season generative hand-drawn collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Creepy, weird, and unique just like each one of us. Spawn a ghoulie to be part of the g… more →

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